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Having a driver’s license is a sign of adulthood. And how hard it is to achieve varies throughout the world. Buy uk driving license online with no test

UK is a country with varying climate throughout the seasons. There’s a lot of snow, wind, ice and leaves falling and since the country is so wide-spread there’s a lot of roads that doesn’t necessarily have the highest level of maintenance.

Because of this, and perhaps partly because Swedes are suckers for rules and being orderly, getting a driver’s license in Sweden isn’t that easy.

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Linking your driving licence

Once you have created your nidirect account, you’ll be able to link your driving licence. Then when you are applying for your driving licence, the information from your driving record will be displayed on screen. That will save you time completing the online application. If you create an account, DVA will also send you updates on the progress of your application, such as when it has been processed.

  • Instructions on how to link driving licence 

Moving to the UK and changing your driver’s license is relatively easy for citizens of most countries. You should be able to drive in the country with minimum fuss.

Foreigners moving to Great Britain or Northern Ireland may drive using their existing license if it’s from countries within the European Economic Area (EU plus Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein) or a number of other countries that have reciprocal arrangements with the UK. For expats arriving from elsewhere, drivers must take a test before driving on the roads.

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First off, you have to fill in forms (another thing that Swedish bureaucrats love) in order to be allowed to drive a car, with a mentor who also needs a permit for this. The mentor is lawfully responsible and must have had a driver’s license for a period of years and be a reliable driver. If you don’t have a friend, partner or family member who can mentor you, you can go to a driver’s school and pay for classes for about 680 euro per hour, or so.

The training starts off with a mandatory safety course. It shows you videos of how dangerous collisions can be, even at relatively low speed. And some moral stories about drunk driving and things like that.

There’s a theoretical test that you need to study for. And there’s a practical test, where you are tested for a long checklist of things you need to show you can handle, in order to be licensed. Among them driving on ice. Buy uk driving license online with no test

If you have struggled throughout school with studies and have no self-confidence and also have no particular interests in cars or driving, getting a driver’s license in Sweden isn’t a walk in the park.

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I have something of a negative view of the Government. Politicians suck, sure, but that’s just the beginning; call it bureaucracy, call it capitalism, call it administration— I call it government, with a capital Crappy. Buy uk driving license online with no test

“That’s the government. And it’s a festering pile of maggot-ridden shit.” Somebody famous once said that, or should have, but they didn’t, because famous people suck, too.

I’m not much fun at parties.

I moved to the Netherlands two years ago, after living in Austria — the most bureaucratic country in the world, run by wrinkled guilt-denying WW2 veterans and their immediate families. I moved to the Netherlands for a better life. To be with my new girlfriend, sure, but also for the tulip fields, cheese, windmills, industrious people, and bicycles.

Buy uk driving license online with no test

Imagine my surprise when I found out that all governments are the same. You can buy EU driver’s license without taking test. Buy your driver’s license today without taking any exam, we are one of the trusted and reliable driving license producers.

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