Buy UK Driving licence without taking test

How to buy UK driving license in 2023

Have you been scouring online sources to buy UK driving licence? Worry not, we have all the information you need right here! Getting a UK driving licence is a huge milestone. Buy UK Driving licence without taking test in 3 days

If you are a resident of England, Wales Scotland or Northern Ireland, having a licence makes life extremely easy as you don’t always have to rely on public transportation for your commute.

If you are looking at the step by step process for getting a UK driving licence, we have all the information you need here.

Most people want to get their driving licence in UK made as soon as they turn 17. Having a driving licence not only makes your life much simpler, it can even add to your professional profile, especially if you are looking at jobs in sales roles.

However, it is not always a simple exercise. Many people from various countries come to the UK to work. It is vital to understand the whole process before starting out to ensure you get a driving license UK without taking test, which will help you.

Why do I need the UK Driving License?

A driving license is required in England, Scotland, and Wales for any person driving a vehicle on any highway or other “road”, as defined ins.192 Road Traffic Act.

Form 1 January 2022, UK licence holders can still use their driving license to drive in the EU for brief visits, with some exceptions.

International Driving Permits, as well as arrangements within the common travel area, will facilitate driving possibilities between the UK and the EU/EEA countries in those cases.

Photocard driving licenses in England have been issued since 1 April 1999. All license types stay valid until their date of expiry shown in the section.

In the United Kingdom, 35.9 million people are holding a full car driving license in England, 18.3 million are men and 17.6 million are women.

Whilst, over the long term, license holding among both men and women has increased, the rate of increase has been much greater for women. The United kingdom driving license is issued in a city called Northern Ireland.

Buy UK DVLA driving license online

The British driving license photo cards since July 2015, are issued by the DVLA have displayed the Union Jack flag on the front of the driving license.

England driving license can be applied online by using GOV.UK Verify. You can also use GOV.UK Verify to access your driving license information and get a license check code.

If you haven’t used GOV.UK Verify before, it will take you about 5 minutes to get set up. Some paper licenses are still valid in 2022, but not all of them. Buy UK Driving licence without taking test

If it issued your paper license before March 31, 2000, and, as outlined above, all the information on your paper license is still correct, then it will usually remain valid until you turn 70years.

The expiry date of your photocard license is shown on the front of the photocard at section 4b. If your license has expired, you should not drive until you have applied to renew the license.

Although the DVLA routinely sends out reminders to drivers, it is not a defense to say that you did not receive a reminder.

Buy UK Driving licence without taking test in 3 days | How to get UK Driving License in 2022

You can gain a UK driving license in England through the following steps;

  • Meet the basic age and vision requirements: To apply for a provisional driving license, you must be at least 15 years and 9 months old and be able to read a number plate from 20 meters (66 ft) away.
    Try testing your vision at home with the number plate on a friend’s or family member’s vehicle.
  • Gather your Identity documents: Identity documents include the following: a current passport, biometric residence permit, European Union or European Economic Area identity card, a recent bank or building society statement with your National Insurance number (if you are a pensioner), a birth, adoption, or naturalization certificate, a photocopy of the front page of your benefits book or an original benefits letter, a marriage certificate or divorce papers, or a college or university union card, education certificate, or PASS proof of age card.
  • Apply for your provisional license online: You can apply for your provisional license online by visiting
  • Apply by post as an alternative to the online application: You can also apply by post by filling out form D1 (available at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or certain branches of the post office.)
  • Buy UK Driving licence without taking test

What are the Types of UK Driving License?

There are a plethora of the UK driving licenses that one can obtain. They include;

  • Motorbikes 2 or 3
  • Cat B + trailer Light vehicles
  • Minibus Cat D1 + trailer
  • 2 wheeled motors
  • Pedestrian vehicles
  • wheeled motors Cars
  • Automatic cars
  • Large lorries
  • Cat C + trailer lorries
  • Tractor Road roller
  • Tracked vehicles

The major reason you should get a British driving license is to prove to the law enforcement personnel that you have a permit in the state where you live and have the legal backing to operate a vehicle.

Sometimes, employers obviously want employees to get to work reliably and on time. An employer is probably within its rights to require an employee to have a valid driver’s license simply because there’s no law that prohibits it outright.

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