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Buy Full UK driving license – Buy driving license without test

4 Reasons buy full UK driving license online

This service to buy or renew your driving licence‘ online has been in service for over 4 years and over that time have seen it grow in popularity. Our online services was used over 1,278 times in 2021 – if you are wondering what’s in it for you then here’s what you need to know, Buy Full UK driving license – You can buy UK driving license without test

All driver’s need to renew their driving licence every 10 years. However, according to a recent survey, only 35% of respondents knew that you could renew your driving licence online.

1. Buy driving license without tests

The online driving licence renewal service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on GOV.UK. The user-friendly service has been designed to guide customers through the application and takes only minutes to complete.

Once your online application has been submitted, your new licence should be issued within 3 days. This is substantially quicker than applying by paper. You will also save money by applying online. There’s a service to renew a photocard driving licence and a service to renew your licence at 70 and over.

2. It’s easy to use our online service

Our online services have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that each customer’s journey is smooth and hassle-free. Customers are guided through the application through the simple steps and are informed of all the requirements before the application is started.

In a recent survey, when asked to rank how easy or difficult it is to use our online services, 94% of respondents answered “easy” to “very easy”, with over 97% of users stating they would use the online services again in the future. Buy UK DVLA driving license in 2022

3. Buy UK driving license from DVLA

Insight gathered by our Customer Insight team showed that some customers may feel hesitant or less confident transacting online. 20% of customers stated they would prefer to speak to someone which suggests there may be a lack of trust, either in themselves or the service itself.

When using the official GOV.UK website, you can be assured that you are using the official DVLA website, and your details are safe and secure.

Applying For a Provisional Driving Licence

A provisional licence is crucial if you want to learn how to drive, without one you are unable to begin learning to drive. So to start your process to getting a full UK driving licence you need to apply for a provisional driving licence.

When can I apply?

You can apply for your provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years nine months old. However that doesn’t mean you can drive a car from then, by law you must be 17 years old before you can drive a car with a provisional licence. Even then you must be under supervision. Buy full UK DVLA driving license

Buy provisional driving licence online

Applying online is the cheapest and fastest way to apply for your provisional licence, and the method we would recommend. If you opt to apply online you will need a valid UK passport which is no more than five years old. Buy UK DVLA driving license in 2022

4. Applying for a French Driving Licence

  1. Do You Need a New Licence?
  2. Application Process
  3. Exchanging a Licence Issued Outside of the EEA

4.1. Do You Need a New Licence?

If relocate to France and you hold a driving licence issued from within the European Economic Area (EEA) you are not required to change it for a French permis de conduire.

Since the UK left the EU, the rules have changed for holders of a UK licence, with the issue in a state of flux since this date.

Many UK nationals living in France have attempted to change their UK licence for a French one, but the ANTS application centre has been unwilling (unable) to process their application.

The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement made no provision for driving licenses, as a result of which the British and French governments have been required to negotiate an agreement.

Nevertheless, on 24th June 2021 the British government announced that an agreement with France was now in place.

Under the terms of the agreement:

i. If your UK driving licence was issued before 1 January 2021.

Your UK licence is recognised in France for as long as it is valid. Paper licences are usually valid until you are 70. For plastic photocard licences, the expiry date is on the front. Check the expiry date.

If your UK license has expired, or has less than 6 months’ validity remaining, you must exchange it for a French licence from Monday 28 June. You do not need to take a driving test. After you have applied you will receive your ‘attestation de dépôt sécurisée’. You can use this document to drive in France until you receive your new licence.

You can only exchange your license if it is due to expire within 6 months. If you do not have a valid reason to request an exchange, your application will be rejected.

ii. If your UK driving license was issued on or after 1 January 2021.

Your UK license is recognized for 1 year from the date of issue of your residency permit (carte de séjour). If you intend to stay in France for longer than 1 year, you must exchange your UK licence for a French licence during this first year. You do not need to take a driving test.

Accordingly, unless otherwise required to do so, most UK nationals should not need to change their driving license.

Buy UK driving license without test

You are only required to change your license if:

  • Your license has expired or it expires within 6 months, eg 70 years of age;
  • Your licence has been lost, stolen or badly defaced;
  • You are required to exchange your license due to a driving offence in France;
  • Your driving license was issued after 1st Jan 2021.

Unless you meet at least one of these criteria your licence you will not be able to exchange your licence.

Neither can you renew your UK driving unless you are resident in the UK.

UK tourists and visitors to France can also use their UK driving license, with no International Driving License required. An IDP can be obtained from the RAC or AA for a small fee if you wish to obtain one for travel around Europe, where it may be needed.

On 30th June 2021 the European Commission also agreed that no ‘Green Card’ insurance would be necessary for UK drivers visiting Europe. This document is issued by your insurer to confirm that you hold a valid insurance policy.

The change did not formally come into effect until later in July, following publication of the regulation. Buy UK driving license without test

The relaxation of policy was agreed in order to ease implementation of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland.

4.2. Application Process

Before you can make an application to exchange your licence you will need to demonstrate at least six months residence in France. You need to provide proof through your income tax notice or French health certificate (attestation).

Whatever restrictions that apply to your home country license apply equally in France. So if there are medical restrictions on your license, these apply in France.

Driving licences issued outside of the EEA need to be exchanged within one year of arrival in France.

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